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  • Type in your terms in above search box.
  • You dont have to press enter, Just type few letters and results from various torrent website will be displayed.
  • choose the download link which have more seeds and also the file size which suits you.
  • You will be taken to the torrent site,where you can download torrent or open magnet links.
  • You must need any of the torrent clients in order to open the torrent and download the file.

Popular Torrent clients

  • Utorrent
  • bittorrent
  • Qttorrent
  • Torrentpanda is just a bot like google spider.But we just grab links from torrent site and we dont host any torrents or any files in our server.
  • Downloading torrent is 100% legal.
  • But downloading copyrighted content is illegal.So please Make sure you download the content that is not copyrighted.